Grant At Least One of This ‘Asylum’ Parasite’s Wishes!

A PAKISTANI asylum seeker staying illegally in Australia ­allegedly tried to kidnap two women in the eastern suburbs, trapping them in his car as he terrorised them and asked them for sex.



  • Boat arrival Musarat Hussain, 25. whose bridging visa ran out in August and who had been paid $500 a fortnight by Centrelink…
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  • That says it all, the crass imbecility of a system which lavishes benefits on wasters instead of despatching them back to whence they came.
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The pig could have been chained up and put on any container vessel headed towards his home sty.


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Hussain fronted magistrate Paul Lyon via video link, crying hysterically. “Please take me out from here. I want to die.”

Well, that’s hardly an unreasonable request, in the circumstances, is it?

The world, or at least Australia,  would be a cleaner place without that pig’s snout in the welfare trough. But alas that’s not going to happen.

However, he also wailed for deportation. “I want to go back to my country,” he said.

One hopes his second wish may be granted! PRONTO!

But meantime Oz tax-payers are still providing three squares and accommodation for the bludging brute.  Hussain was refused bail yesterday on two counts of ­attempted kidnapping. He is due to appear at Central Local Court on December 12.

There’s no excuse for not having him deported, regardless of whether he’s convicted of the disgusting conduct for which he’s on trial.  He’s an undesirable alien, by anyone’s reckoning.

Good riddance.

But then he’ll go unpunished for any crimes of which he may be convicted.


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  • Times like this when one realises how foolish it was to abolish more appropriate punishments for anti-social scumbags?