‘If You Win, It’s Your Duty To Lose!’ Media Message to Republicans

Just watching the initial results coming in from America, and it’s looking good.

But listening to the media is less pleasing.

Lots of appeasement arrogance, talking heads telling the Republicans that if they get their Senate majority, their first duty is to sit down and sell out, ‘meet Obama in the middle’ on all sorts of issues.

Of course sensible compromise on practical measures to keep the government working is never a bad thing, but Obama does not deserve  to be met half-way on issues of principle, like the illegal influx.

  • Obama has blatantly abused his ‘executive power’ to by-pass the Constitution and the law of the land. He has done so for overt partisan advantage, seeking to boost his party’s vote by giving undesirable aliens a path to citizenship, i.e. votership!




His racist Attorney General has done all in his power to facilitate voter fraud.

There ought to be no surrender on this subversive agenda.