Clegg Exposed as Liar and Fraud

EU - referendum vote


Shown the Lib Dem pamphlet promising “a real referendum,” Clegg was asked –

“Do you recognise this poster, Nick? I’d like to know why you went back on this one and why you think we should trust you again now you are in power.”

But the DPM insisted that his referendum promise had related only to an in/out vote at the time of a treaty transferring power from Westminster to Brussels.




And the treaty went through. And now Clegg is Deputy Prime Minister, and refuses to act on that pledge. Instead he dangles his deceit before the electorate, yet again –

“I believe in that so much that, shortly after I entered into this coalition Government in 2010, we legislated to create for the first time in this country a legal guarantee that when there’s another treaty we’ll do exactly what I said on that leaflet, which is that we will have an in/out referendum…”

And the next time?