No Crimmigrant Driving Down Oregon Trail – Just Go Home!

Just a follow-up to our previous report on Oregon…

Pro-Crimmigrant Plutocrats Up Against It In Oregon! 

…a state which has long had an unsavoury reputation as a hot-bed of left-libbery.


  • warning-illegal-alien-invasion
  • —————————–
  • The electorate there has thrown out plans to let crimmigrants obtain driving license by a two-thirds majority vote, some 67% turning out to thumbs down the subversive scheme.

Coming on top of the Republican swing nationwide (not all Republicans are sound, but many of the new-comers to Washingtom are) this is a slap in the face to Obama’s pro-illegal arrogance.



The next battles will not be long in coming.

The Manchurian’s dedication to wreck America will not fade away. He will abuse his executive powers to get as many crimmigrant fraudulent voters into the USA as he possibly can before he demits office in two years time.




We must hope the new Senate leadership spurns any temptation to compromise with the Enemy Within.