Did Voter Disgust At Racist Democrats Turn Tide in Colorado?

A lot of people forget the racist history of the US Democrat Party, their KKK Senator Byrd, who died not long ago, and the ‘Dlxiecrat’ segregationists in other Southern Sates.


But some say it’s all in the past.

Not so, and the exposure of electoral fraud in this month’s vote confirmed that.

In Colorado, the official actually identified a location where our undercover reporter could actually go to retrieve mail-in ballots in the trash. She said go to the ‘ghetto,’ was her word, and take the African-American and Mexican ballots because ‘they don’t care.’

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  • Such overt contempt for ethnic minorities shocked Americans. And it is not unfair to argue that this had an effect at the voting booth. It’s been Project Veritas that has done all the hard work, catching the corrupt creeps on camera and getting local media to pay attention.


  Project Veritas: Stop Voter Fraud


Project Veritas is the brain child of James O’Keefe and here’s what he says.

“These are really outlandish statements that we caught on tape that I think shocked people. In North Carolina, it was a one or two-point differential that could have made the difference,” he said.


And it wasn’t just in North Carolina!

Read the whole article to see how widespread Democrat deceit really was…



…and how Project Veritas lifted the stones so the people could see the slimy things that crawled with legs, trying to steal democracy from those who still – so far – possess it.