Enemy Within Wanna Kill HM? That’s Treason! The Penalty Should Be DEATH!

On Thursday, police arrested four men between 19 and 27, three of them in London, as part of an“ongoing investigation into Islamist-related terrorism.” All those arrested are reportedly UK residents.


Britain's Queen Elizabeth lays a wreath during the annual Remembrance Sunday ceremony at the Cenotaph in London November 11, 2012 (Reuters / Luke MacGregor)

“Whatever the security assessment, Her Majesty would not shirk from her responsibility and duty – and this Remembrance Sunday is no different,” Buckingham Palace source


A plot to kill the Queen?

At least this RT report didn’t degrade the word ‘British’ by describing these scum as ‘British.’ No matter where they live, where they were born, or what passports they carry, they are NOT British.




But if they have been enjoying all the rights and privileges that accrue to the status of Her Majesty’s subjects, then their offences should be classified as TREASON….




….and if found guilty, they deserve the traditional penalty for that offence.