Where Have All The 888,236 Flowers Gone?



Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

By November 11th, if you haven’t seen that stupendous display at the Tower of London, you won’t have much more time to do so, because they’re being sold off to raise money for ex-service charities – I believe FIFTEEN MILLION POUNDS!

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  • Controversy has broken out because many people want the work of art preserved indefinitely, and I can understand that wish.

But if the ceramic poppies are not delivered to the people who have paid for them, that’s breach of contract – unfair, too!

So why not mark THOSE poppies as a limited special edition, and replace them one by one as they go. The artist would benefit, and nobody would be out of pocket, as a permanent sales situation could proceed.

That way, millions of people  ( like me for a start!) would have an opportunity to appreciate this remarkable scene over the years ahead, and the buyers of the original crop would not be disappointed. 

Just a thought on Remembrance Sunday.