Darkness in Darna, as Ignoramus Savages Rule…

The news from Libya is grim but not unexpected.

Take a look – 

… history and geography were removed from the curriculum, according to two activists in the city….

Would that be to prevent perspicacious students learning that the Holy Land was stolen by bloody conquest from the Christian Byzantine Empire?

No, probably not. Arab countries have probably long since air-brushed away any whiff of truth about the Middle East conflict.

So we must speculate – maybe ISIS has declared the Earth is flat?

OH, I know! History books in all countries tend to take a dim view of SLAVERY, which al-Baghdadi’s pigs have boasted of re-establishing.

The next part of the report suggests levels of moronism that would match such benighted thinking.



New “Islamic police” flyers order clothing stories to cover their mannequins and not display “scandalous women’s clothes that cause sedition.” https://ca.news.yahoo.com/libyan-city-becomes-first-outside-iraq-syria-join-161938638.html

THICK as PIG-SH#T, but then what else do we expect of pigs?

And still we get crass idiots in civilised countries telling us we should try to ‘understand’ those who go off to join scum like IS, who take up arms against decency?

Gimme a break.

Youngsters who go off to fight for ideals are maybe ill-advised, but not to be condemned. However, the filth who set forth to fight for these fiends, murdering innocent people, do so in the full knowledge that they are joining the forces of darkness, death and satanic evil.

Every time any of these vile volunteers is reported dead, we should raise a cheer.





They are traitors, and if they were brought back for trial, they’d not get what’s coming to them in the effete courts of Europe.