Latest EuroLunacy? ‘No Right To Be Here? Tough – Ya Still Gotta Feed and House ‘Em!’


The European Committee of Social Rights, part of the Council of Europe, has said the Netherlands should provide shelter and food to migrants, even if they are denied residence.

 Oh, of course! 


out with them


C’mon, Holland! Tell these arrogant Eur-A-holes to go take a hike, and take the alien parasites with them!

Liberal deputy minister for asylum Fred Teeven has refused to create structural care out of fear it will attract more migrants.


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  • Of course it will.

If a party-animal sees a sign saying ‘free beer,’ he’ll be off up that street like a rat up a drain pipe! And that still won’t be as speedy as a crimmigrant in sight of a muggins country’s welfare trough.

Well said, Fred!

But will his colleagues have the guts to stick to this basic sound sense, or knuckle under to sticky-beak creeps.