And This Racist Foul-Mouth is an ENGLISH Teacher?

Let’s face it, most men swear. And, regrettably, many women nowadays do the same! 

But there’s a time and a place. 

When a local rodent intruded on my domestic bliss recently, its dainty ears must have tingled as I pursued it with a stick.




But in a public forum, foul language is not on!

Especially from a teacher meant to set an example for youngsters, who could easily read just what a coarse racist vixen she turns out to be. 

On Friday night, English teacher Vinita Hegwood sent out a profanity-laden tweet with racist overtones referring to the Ferguson, Mo., riots. By 8:30 Monday morning, she was suspended without pay and on her way to being fired.

 “Who the [expletive] made you dumb duck [expletive] crackers think I give a squat [expletive] about your opinions about my opinions RE: Ferguson? Kill yourselves.”

For non-American readers, cracker is a term of racist abuse used against white people who incur additional anger from those who hold them in contempt. It’s much like the N-Word, in reverse. 


Vinita Hegwood Horrid Hegwood

“I can’t say it emphatically enough. The nature of the comments are reprehensible,” said Lari Barager, a spokesperson for the Duncanville Independent School District, in a press conference later Monday morning.

“Those comments having been made in such a public way left the district no other option.”



Let’s hope she stays sacked. Would you want your offspring to be taught by the likes of Hegwood?