EUSSR To Offer Renegade American Ratbag ‘Asylum?’

Well, we’ve had the vilest murderers avoiding deportation from the UK because they claim a ‘right to family life,’ despite their victims’ families losing that right because of their savagery.


Cameron To Fight for Scumbags’ Right to Stay in UK! 


But now that ‘right’ may be expanded – by a European Court, of course –  to include deserters from the United States Armed Forces as having grounds for ‘asylum.’

Can these jerks in their wigs and robes get any sicker?

The case in question concerns a U.S. citizen who enlisted and served in the Iraq war but later deserted because he believed the conflict was contrary to international law. 


 Renegade ratbag Shepherd


His name’s André Lawrence Shepherd, a 37-year-old Ohio A-Hole.

Interestingly, he had re-enlisted in the American Army in 2003, but only discovered his ‘conscientious objection’ when he faced re-deployment from maintenance work in a German base to actually risking his neck in Iraq.

Then he sought ‘asylum.’

The Germans quite rightly turned him down, but needless to say, Germans, as much as Brits, are currently deprived by the supranational sticky-beaks of their right to decide to whom they may give sanctuary.




And this time it’s not even the usual suspects in the ECHR in Strasbourg.

It’s the judicial wing of the EUSSR, the dreadfully mis-named European Court of Justice!




So if Germany loses, and the verdict is expected within six months, the UK too, and all other countries subjected to EurocRat misrule, will also be forced to provide a safe haven for renegade rats like Shepherd.

Regrettably, even if he is deported he only faces 18 months.

Nobody takes disloyalty very seriously these days, it seems.