For Pity’s Sakes! Florence’s Ordeal Drags On! I’ll Skip Jogja This Xmas!

Well, here’s me just beginning to get my teeth into the idea of another Festive Season coming up – though some say every month for me is a season to be jolly – when I read that the remorseless persecution of that poor gal in Jogjakarta, the law student Florence Saulina Sihombing, who lost her temper after an irksome episode at a gas station queue…

“Yogya is poor, stupid and uncivilized. Jakarta and Bandung friends, don’t stay in Yogya. Yogyakartans are b*****ds.

I wanted to buy Pertamax 95 but was not served because I was on a motorbike. I queued in the car line and was not served. I was told to queue in the motorbike line, which was extremely long. It’s discrimination. Did they think I couldn’t pay for it? I’m so annoyed!”


 A few oh-so-sensitive uptights – who clearly have little serious work to keep themselves busy – got on her case. Despite a personal meeting with the Sultan, who graciously accepted her apology for any slight on his realm’s character, the gal is now back in court, accused of spreading hatred!

What utter nonsense!

All too often I read in the media here about some infantile little creep, usually religious fanatics but others as well, moaning about he’s had his ;feelings hurt.’

  • It’s simply pathetic. Adults don’t behave like spoilt brats. Well, they shouldn’t.

Frankly, as I have said before, here, on the blog and to many other people, I’ve always liked Jogjakarta. Actually, it was one of the places I was considering as where to spend my New Year time and money. 


NOT ANY MORE! Until Jigjakarta shows enough maturity to stop harassing Florence, and the cry-babies who began the hue and cry against her kneel down before her and apologise…