Tormented Tories Pin Hopes On ‘Guardian-Readers’ – and Red-Heads!

It’s a mark of the Cameron Conservatives’ naked fear that they’ve now pinned their hopes in the Rochester by-election  on ‘traditional Guardian-reading Labour supporters.’

Actually, ‘traditional’ Labour supporters – the ordinary blue-collar Brits on whose back Labour rose to become a major national party – tend to read the Mirror, the Sun, the Express and other ‘tabloids’ – though almost all UK dailies are now produced in tabloid form – rather than the Guardian.

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  • That newspaper is favoured by people who’d probably feel insulted to be called ‘traditional.’  

G-men (and G-women, and G-‘gays’) are addicted to Europhilia, permissive pap instead of common-sense attitudes to crime, and a masochistic, almost genuflective delight in multi-cult migration, no matter how much damage that madness does to ‘traditional’ Britain.


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  • The woman who used the words quoted above in the Guardian is none other than Tracy Crouch, a typical Cameroon cutie, who talks tough in her constituency whilst pledging fealty to HMV in Downing Street, a man who’s a proven liar and a dedicated foe of all that ‘traditional’ Tories once espoused.
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  •  Comrade Crouch


And THAT’S why UKIP is winning the Battle for Britain, and hopefully Mark Reckless will defeat Tracy’s pal Kelly Tolhurst  next week in Rochester.

Crouch also happens to be the woman who objected to UKIP’s wreath at the local Remembrance Service by it was ‘party political,’  exposing herself as a hypocrite after her ghastly guru Cameron’s blatant party political act of exclusion against UKIP at the Cenotaph in London.

But there’s more to little Tracy than slavish sycophantic subservience to her leader’s anti-British agenda.

She’s a RED-HEAD!

Crouch says Tolhurst has qualities Reckless will never match. “Kelly and I are both Leos, redheads and feisty. God help Medway and God help parliament is all I say.”


  •  Candidate Tolhurst
  • God help us all!

Let me say right away I have nothing against red-heads.

I was very friendly with one of those titian-tressed temptresses when I worked in London. And just to demonstrate my lack of bias against them as a group, I have turned up some excellent examples thereof (by that, alas, I don’t mean the ones I was friendly with in the Old Country!).





But Tracy’s reliance on the hue of her hair, her sign of the zodiac, and Guardian-readers, does suggest to me that next week’s by-election result is going to be…