West Java Predator – Send This Unholy Swine to the Abbatoir!

Queers who molest children are about as low as it gets, I suppose, except for queers who take advantage of their position as teachers of religion to prey on those whom they’re meant to teach about God Almighty.

And the news today is of one such pig, in West Java, only a few score miles from where I live in Jakarta.




Asep Kamaludin, 25, a religious teacher in Kampung Nagrog, Padasuka village, Sukarame district, Tasikmalaya, who was recently reported to police, has claimed responsibility for sexually abusing 27 male students.

Asep said he had sexually abused his students since 2008 and said his acts were retaliation for a crime he experienced as a child.

Open and shut case! Yes? He’s admitted those vile offences.

 Suitable fate for child-molestors


This dirty pig should be put to death, notwithstanding his pathetic attempt at self-exculpation.

“I was once sodomized by a young man in my kampung [neighborhood] when I was a child,” he said…


Even if that turns out to be true, what possible justification has a pervert for putting little ones through a horrific ordeal. If he did indeed suffer that way, he knows how heinous a crime it is and thus has all the greater duty to safeguard innocents from a similar nightmare.


  • Predators and Child Molestors
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Now let’s hear it from the MUI, the FUI, the MUI, the state-sponsored ‘Indonesian Council of Scholars,’ and all the others who are ever-ready to raise hell at the very mention of anyone ‘tarnishing’ the name of their creed.  

Who’s Worse? Retard Screws Horse, Top ‘Scholar’ Wants Him Stoned to Death! 

After all, that leading light of the MUI, Cholil, demanded that a retard who had sexwith an animal be stoned to death.