A Little Bit of Brit Good News – Jihadist Bitch Jailed – But Hardly For Long Enough!

 The face of evil, a woman who knowingly sought to give aid and succour to the ISIS terrorist she married.


Sentencing El-Wahabi, Judge Hilliard said that there was clear evidence that Davis had gone to Syria to fight under the black flag of Isis and also that he had “no true regard” for her.

Nor any true regard for Britain, more importantly. If he’s caught, he should be hanged for treason!.

“I am also satisfied that you knew he was engaged in violence with guns for extremist religious and ideological reasons and knew the money you were sending was destined for that purpose.”  http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-30041625

So the judge gave her 28 months. Hardly enough, but better than nothing, I suppose.  

Yet this vile vixen will only spend half her sentence in prison, the other half ‘under license,’ i.e. loose! Why? Because she has two young children.

Madness! Such scum should not be allowed to have care and control of young children!  


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  • The British Government is supposedly taking steps to stop children being brain-washed by sectarian fanatics  who inexplicably are permitted to hold teaching jobs.
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  • What sense is there in that, if pro-terrorist parents are permitted custody of kids whose minds will be subjected to indoctrination in an evil, alien ideology – every moment they spend under their own roofs?