Mind EUr Own Business! Tell Jakarta This Brussels Pinko Doesn’t Speak For You!

European Union’s special representative for human rights, Stavros Lambrinidis, said the reason why almost all countries in Europe have chosen to abolish the death penalty was due to a self-examination of their national dignity that stemmed from the atrocities of World War II.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/11/11/death-penalty-will-not-bring-a-deterrent-effect-seminar.html




Yes, it’s the Jakarta Post again…

Death penalty will not
bring a deterrent effect:

…another imbalanced headline over another report with plenty of quotes from the ‘anti’ squad but none from the ‘pro’ majority.

Indonesian representative to the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR), Rafendi Djamin, explained that a large part of the Indonesian public still believed that the death penalty would deter potential criminals from engaging in corruption or drug smuggling.

Smart Indonesians recognise the reality, that it DOES deter! If they’re dead, they can’t re-offend.


But Rafendi’s entitled to have his say. How come this Greek pinko politician Lambridis sticks his beak in? Yes, we all can, but we bloggers don’t pose as spokesmen for more than twenty nations!

And so misleadingly, history twisted and dimwitted detours through mush about ‘national dignity!’  Gross misrepresentation of modern European history!




But then what do we expect from the EUSSR? The European Convention of Human Rights was indeed established in the years immediately after WW2, but it clearly excluded any intention to end the death penalty.

Why on earth would it, because many, if not most, of the signatories, including the two main European Allies, Britain and France, not only had capital punishment on their statute books but also used it, effectively, to remove evil criminals from their societies.

Later the UK did abolish hanging – but in defiance of the people’s will, which continues to this day. The elitist MPs who voted to let killers escape the just consequences of their wickedness refused demands for a referendum then, in 1965, and have remained obdurate ever since,

They have claimed that it is not a party issue.  

  • referndmlet peole vote
  • Yet elections in the UK are fought on party lines, so they had no electoral mandate – few if any mentioned the issue on their personal manifesto. A matter of individual conscience, they prattled, safely back at Westminster, setting themselves up as superior beings, morally wiser than their electorates.  


Readers in the countries currently misruled by Brussels might like to email the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights here in Jakarta – http://www.kemenkumham.go.id/hubungi-kami – telling them politely that the EU flunkey does NOT speak for the real peoples of Europe, but only for the cultural marxist in-crowd that runs the EUSSR.

Urge Indonesia NOT to listen to the voices of decadence. Tell them how much we all appreciated the execution of those three Bali Bomber pigs!