RIP Peter Kassig!


Not much to add to all the other outrage, but have to note that marked difference in what he had to say as the satanic hooded predator prepared to murder him, in cold-blooded and cowardly manner.

In sharp contrast to the contrived, coerced condemnations of the civilised world heard from other victims, he used simple, human words that any normal person might have used.

Defiant, I reckon, and all the greater a loss, surely.

And it is a shame some media are not referring to him as Peter, using instead the names foisted on him by his demonic captors.  

devil destroyed ISIS

Why should we believe that anyone held in cruel captivity by savages ‘converted’ of their own free will?  Tellingly, the scumbag who beheaded him used Peter’s real name. 

I imagine whatever else he did before he died, he repudiated that conversion. 

But ISIS won’t ever admit that.