Well, good for the United Arab Emirates Government, which published a list of over EIGHTY outfits it brands as terrorist. UAE lists scores of groups as ‘terrorists

That report comes from Aljazeera.com15 Nov 2014, not a source I often use, but then when it runs through some of the organisations on the UAE black-list, I am reminded why.

It does not report that CAIR is amongst them.

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  • However, there are plenty of other media which do assist in letting the cat out of the bag…
  • UAE Names CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood as Terror Groups
    The Jewish Press15 Nov 2014
  • …so let’s hope Obama will cut all links with the enemy within, which he has hitherto clasped to the bosom of his Administration.

He won’t.

He knows eactly the nature of the beast. We told him about CAIR’s anti-American agenda and its numerous luminaries with disgraceful records.


And we were only passing on info that’s been in the public domain for a long time.

Banned from Britain, Plucky Pam Exposes CAIR On San Fran Buses! 


Here’s a CAIR poster urging subversion.



When America went to war with Nazi Germany, did FDR not crack down on the German American Bund? Time for USA to emulate UAE?