Jakarta’s Anti-Governor?

This is the Man Who Would Be King…or at least Governor of Jakarta!


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Unfortunately for him, the real Governor, Ahok, is being sworn in today at City Hall, with 12000 police detailed to secure the event against any attempt by sectarian thug gangs to interfere with the constitutional process.


 ahok   Ahok


Ahok’s ‘challenger’ is Fahrurrozi Ishaq, and he belongs to one of the most rabid hate-groups in Indonesia, the FUI. Not as infamous as the IslamoNazi FPI, the Indonesian Umat Forum is led by Muhammed Al Khaththath, who is well-known to our regular readers.



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Al K, as I like to call him, is a big buddy of Habib Rizieq of the FPI, and it was Rizieq who proclaimed last Monday that Fahrurrozi Ishaq should be the top man in Indonesia’s capital. Ishaq is apparently boss-man of another group, known as the GMJ,  Jakarta Peoples’ Movement.

“Should Ahok become Governor, we will then also propose a Counter-Governor, the head of GMJ, Ustaz Fahrurrozi Ishaq,” said Rizieq Shihab  http://www.globalindonesianvoices.com/17320/fpi-proposes-fahrurrozi-ishaq-as-counter-governor-to-compete-ahok/

Counter-Governor? Strange translation.

Surely Anti-Governor has a finer ring to it? As in Anti-Pope?

But never mind, he’s an ustadz just like Rizieq – it means cleric, and there is a superabundance of such people here in Indonesia, some of them the sort one might recognise as clergy, but many of a different stripe.

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What sort is Rizieq?

habib_rizieq_temui_hasyim_muzadi Rizieq

Well, he served time for his role in the Monas Riot of 2008, and he is known for his coarse and vulgar abuse of those who incur his displeasure – he called ex-President SBY a banci ( cross-dressing hooker) for not being sufficiently intolerant of the peaceful Ahmadi religious minority

As for Ishaq, I’ve honestly never heard of him.

But then one is known by the company one keeps. Al K and Rizieq are hardly ideal referees for any job.

However, he modestly said he was ready to be named as a governor candidate to replace Ahok. He also believes that the people would prefer to choose him instead of Ahok…if Ahok is proposed again as candidate, he will not get reelected – at most only 1 percent of votes,” he said.

Really? His jihadist comrade Al K also attempted a little electoral analysis, which made us all chortle vigorously. 

Who Was Our Third Voter? Al K’s Fanatic Party Goes Nowhere, Fast! 

 Al K said Jokowi would get zero votes. Jokowi is now President of Indonesia. And Al K himself did pitifully in the legislative elections.

Good luck to Ahok – hope the sun shines on his inauguration.