Manson Marriage – Pinko Media Fawns on Love Story!

“I’m completely with him and he’s completely with me,” she told CNN in August of the now grey-haired killer, who has a swastika tattooed on his forehead. “It’s what I was born for, you know. I don’t know what else to say.”


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  • I often compare Manson to people like Adam and McGuinness, two other murderous beasts. If they are allowed to roam freely spreading their poison, why not Manson? There’s no moral distinction between them. 

Of course, none of them should be loose. They should all long since have been put to death.


The IRA scum can thank Blair and Major – and of course all the other MPs who oppose the death penalty – and of course the European Court who’d over-rule any British Government that stood up to them.


What happened with Manson?


He was sentenced to death in 1969 along with four of his disciples for having led the killing of seven people, but their sentences were later changed to life in prison.Charles Manson obtains marriage licence to wed 26-year-old Afton …
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In the USA more sensible voices frequently prevail, and Americans are not as supine as most Europeans – no overseas court can over-rule the people’s elected representatives. But Manson escaped his just desserts thanks to  – guess who?


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  • Bloody judges! Not a foreign clique like the ECHR, but home-grown ‘born in the USA’ jerks.

No question of the pig’s guilt, but they still let him off by blocking executions for anyone, no matter how evil.

California’s voters had the opportunity to abolish the death penalty by referendum in 2012, but wisely spurned it.  

Perhaps they too wondered what I wondered today when I saw the ridiculous story in the Guardian..

love, however bizarre, cannot be dismissed out of hand if it might make the remainder of his existence more humane 

If Charles Manson has found love, surely that’s a good thing?

I sometimes think of the Guardian as a kind of unguarded lunatic asylum.

Who the hell wants an UNREPENTANT mass-murderer like Manson to enjoy  more humane existence? (the italicised words come from that Guardian article!)

———–But my question…

Exactly how many millions of tax-dollars will it have cost to keep this ghastly monster alive until the time comes for him to burn for all eternity?