About Time! Indonesian Tourism Industry To Use Rupiah! Next Step – Honest Prices?

Not before time!

The peculiar self-abnegation practiced by much of the tourism industry here in Indonesia may be ending. By that I mean the weird custom by which if you want a ticket to fly from Jakarta to Berlin or Beijing, London or Lisbon, you’re given a price in USD!

Bisnis.com reports that Bank Indonesia, the Association of Airline Ticket Agents (ASTINDO) and the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) have signed a cooperative agreement committing to use the Indonesian Rupiah as the currency of exchange in every transaction carried out on Indonesia territory.



The tri-partite agreement encompasses three elements. First, ASTINDOand PHRI have committed to persuade their respective memberships to fulfill their obligation under Indonesian law to price goods and services in Indonesian Rupiahs and use the Rupiah as the currency of exchange in every transaction for the sale of airline tickets, hotel rooms and restaurants in Indonesia.   http://www.balidiscovery.com



=        Good!


It was not only demeaning to their own country and troublesome for us purchasers, who had to suffer the extra cost of getting dollars from money-changers who earn a living by charging open or hidden commissions, but also often resulted in ‘crumpled bill’ tantrums.


Unless you’ve been here, you cannot begin to understand the infantile antics of travel agents when presented with foreign currency that has even the tiniest nick, the smallest smidgin of a stain, or – and this has happened to me –  just happens to be a bit crumpled.

I have grabbed back my dollars and walked out of at least one cry-baby cretin’s office and gone elsewhere, though it is hard to find rational outlets – those on Jakarta’s Jalan Jaksa tend to be less uptight!.

Even getting money changed at banks can be made wearisome by this idiotic mentality. Money-changers actually are more rational, but when I was new here I went round three or four banks and they all refused to take a couple of Brit tenners because there were red ink-dots (almost microscopically small!) that marred their perfection.


But I fear this badly needed reform will not happen soon. Some bank staff seem to savour the taste of customer frustration.

And as for hotels? And restos?



When the Hell will they start quoting honest prices on their ads and menus, the real cost of what’s available, instead of the utterly deceitful ‘plus plus‘ that inflates the price far beyond the actual figures you see?




That practice should be outlawed!