Intolerant Leftists Disrupt Dutch Kids’ Party

At the Dutch festival, someone dressed as Saint Nicholas presents to children and is helped by his sidekick Black Pete, usually a white person with a blackened face. Critics say the tradition is racist….

So? We’ve seen this left-lib ranting before against Black Pete.

Black Piet – UN Disowns Pinko Prof After Massive Dutch Protests 

Maybe it is ‘racist,’ maybe it isn’t.

Whatever ‘racist’ means, anyway! It sounds to me like a harmless tradition, no more reason to get uptight than those good old Black and White Minstrels in the Old Country, but then they got wiped off the TV screens, despite no prior public demand, nor subsequent approval from the vast majority of normal viewers.

That politically-correct censorship was a top-down display of contempt for Britons by the media elite.


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Whatever, if there is a law against upsetting pinkos, then the upset pinkos should report it to the police. In fact the Dutch authorities do not acknowledge there’s been any infraction of the law, so the pinkos’ disgraceful conduct is indefensible.


Police arrested 60 people on Saturday as protesters clashed at a traditional Dutch festival…Dutch cities take it in turn to host the start of the annual festival, with Gouda kicking off this year’s carnival. Scuffles soon broke out between protesters demonstrating both for and against the occasion, and police made dozens of arrests.

So who was responsible for this violence? Was it the wicked racist parents, aunties and uncles looking after the children on a fun day out?


It was anti-social leftist trouble-makers, unwilling to obey the rules laid down which afforded them an opportunity to stage a civilised protest.

Most of those detained were arrested for staging their protest in the center of the medieval city, where the festival was taking place, rather than taking part in authorized protests in designated zones that were well away from the party.

That is typical of the arrogant intolerance of the left.

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Unable to persuade their fellow-citizens by reasoned argument, they run amok. I hope the louts get locked up for a long time, though I doubt their distaste for their own country’s traditions will fade even if they’re properly punished.




Cultural marxists do not readily abandon their prejudices, nor their ambition to re-make society by eliminating its traditions, be they just a bit of fun like Black Pete, or anything else that maintains its distinct identity rather than creating a rootless cosmopolitan multicult mess..  

The Prime Minister of The Netherlands makes a lot of sense on Black Pete, when he says “Personally, I think he can stay black. But this is a matter for the community. It is not a task for politics,” Rutte said in his weekly press conference. “As you know, I’m in favor of small government,” he added.

Thatll enrage the enemy within!