Oz Pork Exports to Syria? Great – Fat Pigs Make Easy Targets!

Sydney Brothers ‘Too Fat to Fight’ for ISIS?  https://au.news.yahoo.com/nsw/a/25534733/sydney-brothers-too-fat-to-fight-for-is/

Isn’t it strange how people make excuses for slimy sectarian scumbags who slope off to join ISIS? It’s a drag reading how they’re really ‘nice, quiet’ kids. 




They’re not. They cannot be unaware in this internet world of the fundamental evil they’ve chosen to cleave to.

ISIS = Rapine, Slavery, Murder…and Treason!

These ‘kids’ are exactly what Scott Morrison says they are, ‘enemies of Australia,‘ blood-thirsty bigots, traitors to the country that has given them homes and schools, and college, every chance of a good life in the Lucky Country, if only they’d wanted to make the most of their opportunities.

Instead these ‘Australian’ swine take up arms to fight Queen and Country.



But this link does at least afford us a grim grin, at the thought of slobby fat wannabe terrorist creeps soaking up ISIS halal rations and affording decent folks, like the brave Kurds, large targets, hard to miss if silhouetted against the hot Middle Eastern sun.