World Toilet Day, 19th November – Make the Most of It!

Today is World Toilet Day!


  • squat%20Toilet%202 One of the few aspects of Indonesian life that I DON’T like!
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  • And one of the advantages of being a foreigner here is that if your spicy brunch decides it isn’t comfortable in your stomach, the security at most big posh hotels and restos will just nod you through the doors (subject to a bomb-check, of course) where you will find a toilet quite different from the nightmare vision pictured above.
  • Here’s another look at the sumptuous Cafe Batavia bog!
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  • cafebatav
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  • On the other hand, if you’re strolling through the kampungs, there’s no option but to experience the thrill of the balancing act required to use something closely resembling the top photo!


A useful tip – most areas of Jakarta now have a Mcdonalds, where sit-down toilets are available.

But don’t be put off if you find foot-prints on the toilet-seat. Some locals have not been instructed in the mysteries of non-squattie usage.