Kenyan Woman Stripped Naked by Brutal Bullies – Just For Looking Nice!

 Black is beautiful!


I don’t use a lot of news from Africa, not because of any particular bias against that Continent, and certainly not  – given this post is concerned about women – because of any indifference to black women. You can see from previous posts that I’m not averse to covering attractive black ladies, even those like Beyonce and Naomi who display not only their attractive bodies but also imbecilic attitudes.

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So today I give attention to the disgraceful thugs in Kenya who attacked and stripped a girl simply because she was wearing a mini-skirt.  

We have Dark Agers here in Jakarta, notably the ex-Minister of Religion, Suryadharma Ali, who thinks hiding female knees is a ‘universal criterion’ for public morality – how dim-witted can one get? Ali justified his nonsense by invoking the ‘aurat‘ rules, forbidden areas prescribed by sectarian dogma on knees, thighs, mid-riffs etc – even hair! – which apparently displease God (so how come He created them?)

Bizarrely the aurat are out of order only when displayed delightfully by women, not by us boring men.

However, in Kenya, and, so I have newly discovered, in Namibia and Swaziland, and maybe other countries too, this benighted mentality is not based on Islamist bigotry but more basic (and arguably more candid) sexism.

Hence the outrageous incident reported below. 

An act of ‘slut-shaming’ in Nairobi has prompted women to protest in defence of their right to wear what they choose  Kenyans protest after woman is beaten and stripped in public …  Nov 17