Will Cameron’s Crew Intercede for Pakistani Scum?

A Pakistani court has given the death sentence to four people for bludgeoning to death a pregnant relative who had married without their consent.

Farzana Parveen, 30, was beaten with bricks and sticks in May outside Lahore’s high court. Police deny charges they stood by as it happened.  http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-30113128


So what were these Keystone Clowns doing while the blood-thirsty ignoramuses slaughtered this defenceless woman? Enjoying a curry?

No matter -we can do little or nothing to make Pakistani police do their duty!


What YOU can do, British readers, is write or email your MP, DEMANDING that no UK Embassy flunkeys go scuttling around Islamabad (that’s the capital of Pakistan, unsurprisingly!) to oppose the death penalty.

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  • THEY DESERVE IT! Fact is, they deserve worse, a spot of torment, maybe.

Buyt the contemptible degenerates in Brussels don’t agree. No matter how vile murderous savages may be, the EUSSR believes they should not pay the proper price, which is surely DEATH!




And it is entirely possible that the British Embassy in Pakistan will emulate the shameful performance of the British Embassy here in Jakarta, disregarding all diplomatic norms by interfering in another country’s internal affairs, minions prattling moronically against capital punishment.

They do not speak for decent people!