A Bad Start – If Indonesia Unwisely Admits Them, It Ain’t Oz’s Fault!

I had hoped for better, after the ex-Foreign Minister Marty Muhammad Natalegawa was replaced

I figured President Jokowi’s Cabinet wanted a fresh start.

But it ain’t the new Foreign Minister that’s  stirred it up – it’s Jokowi’s ‘Human Rights’ Minister, Yasona Laoly!


He seems unable to grasp the root of the problem – that Indonesia has not even ratified the relevant UN Convention but is still letting hordes of crimmigrant bludgers into this Third World country, which clearly can’t afford to keep them in the style to which they wish to become accustomed. 




 Now he’s whining about Australia’s common-sense decision to let no more illegals from Indonesia into Oz.

Why blame Canberra – Jakarta could overnight authorise its security forces to round up these unwelcome intruders and deposit them on one of the many small islands dotted around the archipelago, pending repatriation to either their countries of origin or the last country they passed through, prior to descending on Indonesia.  That Convention ain’t been ratified –  Jakarta can deport them ! 

Certainly, there are plenty of very unpleasant people oozing into this large land, with so many of  its myriad islands easy to sneak ashore on.

The Rohingya we posted on last year, for example, should not be made welcome in any civilised country.


abc treachery

You’ll recall that the clear electoral mandate of Tony Abbott to stem the tide was put into effect by the Royal Australian Navy, which was subsequently smeared by the ABC, their local pinko flunkey eagerly serving as a megaphone for bleating bludgers.

Laoly said his country could only accommodate 2,000 asylum seekers and refugees…the decision placed a burden on Indonesia. “It’s Australia’s right, but it becomes a burden for us.”   

Indonesian says Australia has created a burden after decision to cut resettlement intake of asylum seekers

He also declared there are 10,500 such crimmigrants here. 

I’d say there are more than that. 

Indonesia’s Illegals – Fine Photos, Far-Fetched Narratives! 

Not just those we’ve covered previously, but hiding out!

This could be a useful example of regional cooperation.


out with them

Let Australia take up the plan I outlined many months ago!





Help Indonesia hunt these illegals down, round them up, and put them aboard vessels – not aiming towards the Oz tax-trough, as so many of their brethren did, but in the opposite direction.