‘Cynical, Corrosive, Pernicious?’ A Tory Nobody Wails At UKIP!

Just how many of you Brit readers have ever heard of Charles Walker?

I ask, because the Daily Mail has given this nonentity a huge nunber of column inches to spew forth venom against UKIP, in the most mindless terms, viz.

 It’s time to stop dancing to cynical Ukip’s corrosive, pernicious tune!


Wailing Walker


Turns out this fool Walker is the vice chairman of the Tory backbench 1922 Committee! WOW! Most UK voters probably haven’t even heard of that distinguished body, and for good reason, if Walker’s vacuous tripe is anything to go by. 

His rant does make you think that all those left-lib jibes at the Tories for being ‘The Stupid Party’  have some substance – Walker blames his poor candidate for his party’s failure in Rochester

...we chose to bang on about immigration and its impact on public services.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2845832/It-s-time-stop-dancing-cynical-Ukip-s-corrosive-pernicious-tune-says-vice-chairman-Tory-backbench-1922-Committee.html


Who chose, Walker?

That little gal your party put up against Mark Reckless didn’t publish anything without approval from Tory Central Office, and they’d not give her a green light without Cast-Iron’s say-so.





Yes, the Tory by-election campaign did include immigration.

But unfortunately it must have escaped somebody’s notice that DC has been in Number Ten for some time and immigration has not (as promised) been brought under control – thanks to DC’s slavish obeisance to Brussels, Britain is now subject to Roma infestation and people HAVE noticed that.  

And there’s all those illegals, so-called ‘asylum’-seekers, who have just wandered off across the realm, because  the authorities don’t sling ’em in a cell under lock and key till their flimsy cases are examined and determined.




Also the folly of past Conservative ( and Labour) Governments in admitting people whose allegiance is to an alien supranational ideology has been highlighted by the vermin legion, Jihad John and the other scum.

UKIP’s tune is hardly pernicious, nor corrosive. It sounds, to most Brits, more like Land of Hope and Glory. The glory may take a while to restore, but at least UKIP offers hope. 




And that song, please note, was once part and parcel of every Conservative Party Conference – till Walker’s turncoat predecessors had it discontinued.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap.




NOBODY trusts the Tories on immigration, nor on much else, anymore.