A Curious Jakarta Day, As The Rainy Season Arrives!

An odd sort of month, this one drawing to a close. At one point, I went for ten days without a single visitor – that’s never happened since i retired! Not that there was any feeling of isolation, what with two parties and a barbeque to attend within that span of time!

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  • Happily, Thursday this week, the tenth day referred to above, that social drought ended, with my most favourite visitor dropping by..back to normal, plus plus!

One of my November Saturdays was a peculiarly frustrating sort of day.

  • toshiba laptop AMD
  • This decrepit Toshiba packed up totally, hardly able to do anything, so I stuck it in a bag and headed out to Ratu Plaza – for non-Jakarta readers, there are many computer stores there – determined to buy the one I’d had my eye on for a week or two.


When the shop assistant condescended to talk to me – a lazy git – the shocking truth was that my intended purchase was no longer in stock. No offer to order in more- that guy needs to be fired.

  • angry face
  • Chagrined, I wandered around the other stores, but all other possibles were much dearer. So I was compelled to take my Toshiba to the barbecue in South Jakarta to which I’d been invited – my intention on departing my home had been to buy a new one and leave the old one there for the data to be transferred, picking it up in 24 hours.
  • The load was onerous, for I also had to tote sausages and bread-rolls and cheese.

It was a pleasant enough afternoon, a house-warming, but it rather unwound when the hosts discovered they had no charcoal for the cooking of the food everyone had brought.  Still, they had a nice balcony,  a special treat for me, to sit out and watch the world go by, until, like everyone else, I retrieved my provisions and took my leave.

Eventually, home, where I plugged in the computer, and found that it was working, better than anytime recently!

Cleary it had benefited from a jaunt across town, a breath of fresh air, or at least as much as one gets travelling round this fairly well-polluted town!

Weird, huh?