BBC Bias and Ferguson Filth – A Double Disgrace!

I wasn’t going to get into the disgusting riot scenes in Ferguson again – American readers have many American conservative blogs to follow where sense is talked.

But then tonight I tuned into the BBC’s ‘World Have Your Say.’ and what do I see but a display of bias that’s hard to imagine – if you don’t know the BBC!


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  • The first guests were introduced, three women, two young and black ,one less young and white – they all chimed in to say how much they agreed with the ‘protestors’ – a lot of rot about ‘oppression,’ which didn’t seem to have hindered the career of one of the young black ladies, who’s a PROFESSOR, no less, in some UK college.

Not bad for an oppressed little gal!


Then we had a young black man, who said he’d personally, when he was younger still, witnessed cops ‘macing’ young people – why, he didn’t tell us! Just to pass the time?

Or were they juvenile delinquents who deserved it?

Then a retired NYC cop, Tom Verni, who didn’t challenge the whining we’d already heard, but instead told us calmly that ‘America is still a sexist, racist and homophobic society.’ 




 Then a Canadian ‘reporter’ who quoted ‘research’ showing that ‘of course’ (his own words!) US cops were ‘faster’ to shoot a black male than a white male in similar situations.

Oh, and not to omit a black blogger named Jamal, praising Al Sharpton for having ‘kept this issue at the forefront,’ and a black pastor, also moaning that ‘there’s a long long way to go…’ .

The presenter, after more than half an hour of this one-sided propaganda, suddenly said that ‘we’re running out of time.’  I was thoroughly p$$$ed off, naturally, but hung in there to see if ANY contrary voice was going to be allowed a hearing.


A black (-ish) LA lawyer named Walter Katz popped up next, who specialises in ‘police conduct.’  On and on about how to ‘reform’ the police. You’d think a lawyer would be keener to ‘reform’ vicious young louts like those in the news item below.




ASTONISHINGLY THE PROGRAMME ENDED WITH NOBODY INCLUDED TO DEFEND THE POLICE! I’ve long despised the BBC’s grotesque bias, but this was simply breath-taking. 

Now for a news item, kept off the BBC, so far as I know!


Ferguson, Missouri, on Monday night, an elderly white man, dependent on oxygen to breathe, strolled out to his car in the parking lot of a pizza joint to retrieve an oxygen tank from his car. Moments later, he was brutally attacked by marauding thugs “seeking justice” for Mike Brown…A TV news crew…arrived and videotaped the victim lying crumpled on the pavement, his oxygen tank perched across his body.


An elderly man was run over after two people stole his car in Ferguson during disturbances Nov. 24, 2014.

…eyewitnesses can be heard telling the news crew the man was beaten with his oxygen tank, which was then used to smash the window of his car. The attackers fled the scene in the man’s vehicle and ran over the victim in the process.

“They made a mistake by giving us no justice,” one of the bystanders can be heard saying.

It’s a great pity some cops didn’t get there in time  to do some serious shooting.

But then, if they had taken out those cowardly thugs, there’d be more rioting, more UTTER CR%P on the BBC.

BTW – that evil slug among the ‘bystanders’ wouldn’t be missed either!