Roro Fitria Lawan Jokowi! Aku Diam Aja!



President Jokowi has plenty of opponents, despite his clear victory in the elections not long ago, and making progress with his agenda will not be easy. 

But now he faces a full-frontal onslaught from a formidable female whom my readers seem to appreciate.  Certainly my previous post on the lady Kasihan Roro Fitria! has been topping my ‘views’ list for weeks!


 Roro Fitria

“Where is his promise and vision, that he would always protect the underprivileged,” said Roro Fitria (11/22/14).

Speaking of visions…!!!!!

The visual delight concerned was talking about the controversial increase in the price of fuel, which has affected even me.


angkot angkots


I had a fairly lively dispute with an angkot driver last week when he jumped the gun and demanded a higher fare before it came into effect. 

The impressive actress (star of Bangkitnya Suster Gepeng – watch it here Bangkitnya Suster Gepeng (full movie) – YouTube ) declared that she for one did not agree with the increase in fuel…”I disagree with it, not for me personally, but I prefer to think of the fate of the  common people…namely the increase in the price of food, transportation, and other things! ” BBM Naik, Roro Fitria : Mana Janji Jokowi ? Sumedang.Info22 Nov 2014

Hmmm…normally I tend to dismiss celebrities who stick their noses into politics, since I see no reason why their opinions should command any more attention than those of humbler folk, like, perhaps, my Jakarta angkot drivers. 
But it has to be said that Roro could say almost anything and I’d find myself hard-pushed to disagree with her.