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    Black Friday’s Obnoxious ‘British’Rabble – Manners No More?

    During Ramadhan, many Indonesian notables organise hand-outs for the common folk here. Money or food-stuffs are given away in small batches, and the chaotic scenes, pushing, shoving, old women and little children often keeling over in the crowds, are horrendous to behold.


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    Watching such displays of what amounts to mob hysteria is no pleasant experience – I have often remarked to Indonesian guests in my home on why people can’t just wait their turn and behave in an orderly manner.
    Admittedly, the organisers are frequently to blame for not organising things better, but the behaviour of some of the would-be recipients makes me recoil, having spent much of my youth in the UK, where all of us were imbued with the virtues of queuing.

    The ‘Good Manners’ Guide above predated me by many decades, but nevertheless, waiting your turn was a key-note of a British upbringing, as recently as the Sixties, hard to slough off.

    In my early days here in Jakarta I used to take forever when buying even a postage stamp, because it was engrained in me not to batter my way ahead of everybody else.

    Post Offices seemed to be the worst, for some reason!

    • Thus rude oafs ( and oafesses! ) would forever get to the counter before I did. Protests were ignored, evoking only askance glances at best from said boorish toe-rags.

    Eventually, of course, I became as bad as they were.


    Not quite- I still interpose myself at Busway stops, to allow women and the old to get on board despite obnoxious men who show neither deference to ladies nor respect for age.

    ‘Not like this back in The Old Country,’ I have muttered to myself many a time and oft.

     Mutter no more!

    The news today from England – my link at the bottom of the page is to a Manchester media site which includes a video that will make you cringe, but London was as bad – offer a glimpse of a country where traditional good manners, never mind the legendary ‘stiff upper lip’ – have all but vanished.

    Officers were deployed to eight outlets overnight to deal with fights and arguments between desperate shoppers.

    Of course it would be facile to make too direct a comparison between Indonesia and England.

    In the UK today, there is no real poverty – in the areas of ‘deprivation,’ jobless residents get free schooling, free doctoring, welfare hand-outs and housing for which they pay little or nothing. 

    In Indonesia, some safety nets do exist, but millions live in poverty, their conditions almost unimaginable to people in the West.

    It is SO embarrassing to read of those morons in Manchester brawling brutally for luxury electronic goods.




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