Bravo, Morrison!

Good to see that Scott Morrison has given the brush-off to UN sticky-beaks, the clowns on the so-called ‘United Nation Committee on Torture,’ which has begun a-bleating over the way Oz handles its crimigrants.

Not only are the wicked Aussies rivalling the Gestapo, it seems, by physical and mental suffering, persecution and abuse.




But these arrogant upstarts are now telling Australia where they can put the unewanted intruders, – they’ve expressed concern at Australia’s policy of transferring asylum seekers to Manus Island and Nauru.

But Immigration Minister Morrison made it very clear that only Australia will decide its policies

“I don’t share their view!” 

And neither do most normal Aussie ta-payers, who have had this foul ‘asylum’ albatross slung round their necks for years. They haven’t forgotten the lousy ingrates’ riotous arson and violence on Christmas Island, which in just one weekend cost tax-payers SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS!


Money that could have been MUCH BETTER spent shipping the wannabe bludgers back to where they came from!

Of course the Green Gargoyles don’t agree with Morrison when he declares that “Australia’s border protection policies are made in Australia, nowhere else.”

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The Green response is to howl that Oz may become an ‘international outcast.’


Western countries should emulate Abbott and Morrison – let’s all be happy outcasts together, and put our own peoples first!

Meanwhile the turn-coat cohorts in the ‘asylum’ agitprop lobbies are currently going nuts because a few dozen Sri Lankan undesirables got sent back!

Just last week their bludger-boat was caught trying to sneak more parasites into Oz and its crimmigrant cargo were screend on board- unsurprisingly, only one out of 38 was found to have a case for offshore processing.




But let’s get back to that sticky-beak UN committee for a moment. Their arrogance knows no bounds, with another demand, that Australia should increase efforts to address over-representation of indigenous people in prisons.




If it’s true that Aborigines comprise about 27 per cent of Australia’s prison population, while constituting just two to three per cent of the total population, then the UN might be best advised to tell Aborigines not to commit so many crimes…

And of course the same goes for the ludicrous ranting in the USA about the number of blacks in prisons there.

Good black citizens are NOT in jail!

If you don’t wanna do the time, then don’t do the crime!