Munir’s Murderer Free – Jakarta Justice Mirrors Western Weakness

On the face of it, one has to sympathise with the protests against the ridiculously early release of Pollycarpus. The man convicted of the cowardly killing of Munir out after just 8 years of a 14 year sentence? Madness, you could say.




But citizens of Western European countries, especially the UK, are hardly in any position to criticise, when similar mockeries of justice take place there all the time. The Justice Minister here says critics should blame the courts, which is ture – 14 years was a nonsense; the death penalty would have been a fair price to pay.

But even given the legal parameters, surely such kid-glove treatment is appropriate only to prisoners who are coooperative.  Pollycarpus has NEVER owned up on the key issue of who gave the order – and THAT’S who should be hanged.