Kasihan Zuhal Sengul – Hot Turkish Delight Fired By Kill-Joys!


Turkish Airlines flight attendant named Zuhal Sengul fired for video circulating in cyberspace is considered too sexy…

Are Turkish Airlines bosses non compos mentis?
At the moment, Turkey is not the most popular of countries, what with its stoney-hearted stance on Kobani, where courageous Kurds are holding off ISIS satanists as the powerful Turkish Army sits a few metres across the border, idly watching.
But despite one’s distaste for Erdogan’s indifference, there are many guys, probably, all over the world, who would buy a Turkish Airlines ticket just on the off-chance that the above yummy dish would be on the menu as the gal who ministers to passenger needs.
Yet she’s been fired!

There is a standard and special quality that we expect from the staff. Being involved in the modeling world is not one of them,” said a spokesman for Turkish Airlines
Check out Zuhal’s ‘standard and quality!’
Would YOU fire this beauty?

I’m boycotting Turkish Airlines!