Silence of the Swine! ‘No Need For Further Lies, We Are The Sacrifice!’

Lying swine


Ministers and senior figures in Downing Street talk about Cameron’s combative speech on Friday as an attempt to shut down the issue rather than talk it up…





for all the finger-jabbing, the Tory leadership had no stomach for a full-on confrontation with the rest of the EU.



That’s more or less what we’ve been saying for as long as we’ve been writing about Cameron’ and HMV. He has NEVER had any serious interest in standing up for his own country against its Enemy, in Brussels, or in Strasbourg.

He DESERVES to be thrashed in the next election, and any wavering Tories who are tempted by his hypocritical pitch – that only he and his collaborationist cronies are ‘guaranteeing’ a referendum – just need to be reminded that he pulled that stunt before…  

…over the Lisbon Treaty – and U-turned, a flagrant breach of his ‘cast-iron’ promise.  Kipling’s famous lines..No need for futher lies, WE are the sacrifice… echo down the years, made manifest most glaringly in the person of the Liar Extraordinaire.