BBC’s All-American Anti-Cop Lynch-Mob – Round Two?

After an unexpected visit from a recent acquaintance had prompted a flurry of tidying up, I relaxed this evening by channel-surfing idly but, at 10pm Jakarta time,  tuned into BBC for the news.


  • BBC-bias-alert
  • ———————————
  • Instead, what should pop up but another session of cop-bashing, courtesy of some BBC bint who first of all introduced three people to give their views on American policing.

After the lynch-mob pap I reported some days ago..

BBC Bias and Ferguson Filth – A Double Disgrace! 

.., surely, I naively imagined, there’d be a fairer selection tonight!

Well, we had some Puerto Rican youth with tales to tell of his own arrest during this week’s protest demos; we had some geezer from the liberal Daily Beast; and – aha, I thought, fair play at last – an ex-cop – who proceeded to speak about his cop relatives who had reported ‘racism’ within NYPD.



At no time during all this rambling did the hostess challenge the assumption on which the show seemed to be predicated – that it’s the cops who need to change, not the outrageously high crime rates among these ‘poor, persecuted’ minorities    

One of those talking heads even suggested the ‘communities’ concerned were being ‘over-policed!’





Another gabbled about how cops need to learn to understand the ‘culture’ of those communities – I guess at least that’s an acknowledgement of how America’s replacement of the healthy ‘melting pot’ philosophy with the poisonous doctrine of multi-cult is the root of much evil

THEN who is brought on to under-pin the BBC’s objectivity?



Malcom X’s daughter, Malaak Shabazz, complained to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights of “Zionist agitators” at the Durban II conference.


Malcolm X’s daughter! Seriously!

Happily the flood of drivel was briefly halted as the BBC zoomed off-course, a special diversion to their hero Obama’s announcement of his new Defence Secretary.

After that, the spectrum of opinion was vastly expanded  – they had a journo from National Review, and an ex-cop who favours strong law n order policies, and a NY Conservative Party leader – NOT!

No pro-police voice was given a platform, except for ONE young man named Josh, who was not terribly articulate, though he made some sensible points.

But he was then insulted by some strident female who said she was ‘insulted’ by his ‘asinine’ ability to think for himself.




And Malcolm X’s daughter said she couldn’t BELIEVE what she’d just heard! Oh, and the BBC inserted a little box under her grim face with the description ‘ International Human Rights Activist!’

Time up!

Anti-cop voices FIVE pro-cop ONE!


Defund this anti-American (and, if you recall their ‘neutrality’ during the Falklands War anti-British) outfit.