Jakarta Enjoys Christmas – How Come Some USA Firms Don’t?

borobudur 4

This nice pic comes from Hotel Borobudur, a splendid place, but costly. I may have mentioned how they used to have an all-you-can-eat-and-drink night once a week. We used to decend en masse, devouring and swilling outrageously – but like all good things, that era came to an end, the crowd broke up and we each found other focuses for our nocturnal adventures…

Then, consumed with nostalgia, and thirst, my buddy (we’ll call him Liam) went back..

….a year or so later. 

He got stuck right in, then after a gallon or two had slipped down his capacious gullet, he got the bill -only to discover that the beers were no longer included!

Exit stage left, a near-bankrupt Bostonian!


Happy Holidays!


However, as I say, it’s coming up for Christmas.

Yesterday I went to Mangga Dua, a huge shopping centre in North Jakarta, crowded even though a weekday, during working hours (weekends are chokka, hence my choice of Thursday!)

Reflecting the city’s population, I’d say the large majority of customers were Muslim, but all over the place there were Christmas trees, tinsel etc, and LOADS of pretty shop assistants clad in Santa hats, like those portrayed above!



Jakarta’s, and Indonesia’s, Muslim population is NOT bigoted- they are mostly very nice easy-going people. Muslims of course don’t celebrate Christmas but are mostly very happy to join in the festive spirit.



  • atree
  • Last year- a magniicent tree in another Jakarta mall


How strange that some USA companies don’t.

The following is from AFA in America-

Sign the Pledge! AFA has called for a “Christmas” boycott of PetSmart. Find out why here!


Boycott PetSmart this Christmas
AFA is calling for a limited one-month boycott of PetSmart over the company’s censorship of the word “Christmas.”

For years, PetSmart has refused to use the word Christmas on its website, in television commercials, newspaper ads and in-store promotions, despite tens of thousands of consumer requests to recognize Christmas and in spite of repeated requests from AFA to do the same.

Sign the Boycott PetSmart Pledge Now!

Want proof? Go to http://www.PetSmart.com and type “Christmas” in the search bar. As of today, the website brings up zero results, although the company’s website is clearly marketing to “Christmas” shoppers.

At PetSmart, you’ll find a “Holiday Shop,” a “holiday” wish list and plenty of “holiday” items, but you won’t find “Christmas.”

Ironically, PetSmart had no problem with saying Halloween though. They promoted their “Halloween Shop” very heavily for weeks in October. So why are they so afraid of Christmas?

PetSmart is censoring the word Christmas, pure and simple. Yet the company wants all the people who celebrate Christmas to do their shopping at its stores.

Until PetSmart proves it recognizes Christmas by using it in their newspaper, radio and television advertising or in-store signage, the boycott will be promoted throughout this Christmas season.

AFA has successfully influenced almost all of the nation’s largest retailers to embrace the use of Christmas in their advertising. But at PetSmart, it’s “Bah, Humbug!”

Take Action

Sign the Boycott PetSmart Pledge. AFA will regularly update PetSmart on how many people have signed the pledge.

Follow up with a phone call. Call the corporate office at 1-800-738-1385 x2518 and let them know you are serious about taking your business elsewhere.

We recommend you call your local store manager and politely let him know you won’t be shopping his store. Ask him to pass your comments along to the corporate office.