Un-American Kaplan V Christian Klingenschmitt- Judge Rules Out Jesus!

I was watching one of those American crime series last night, usually well-made with a good story-line. At the end, the pretty blonde prosecutor, whose good looks alas went with silly liberal notions all too often, was fired by her sage superior.

Fair enough.

But then she gob-smacked viewers everywhere with a question – ‘It’s not because I’m s lesbian, is it?’

It wasn’t, and she was told so. But why inject this ‘gay’ drivel into an otherwise perfectly good script?

Worse news still, or at least a close call – Daryl, one of the best characters in The Walking Dead, that great zombie series, was very nearly ‘outed’ as a poofter!


Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus)


The idiots behind the show apparently felt the need to implant a queer into the cast, and he was tipped as the victim of this subversive design.Walking Dead‘ Creator Clarifies Daryl Dixon’s Sexuality ABC News

  Happily, Daryl has been spared the ignominy, but the damfools aim to introduce some other ‘gay’ character. Maybe a pack of mincing corpses clad in pink velvet jump-suits will be on our screens next year!



However, enough of showbiz – the reason I mentioned that cute blonde was because she does not correspond to what one expects, if the word ‘lesbian’ is spoken.

Here, on the other hand, is a lesbian who does!


Judge Elaine Kaplan


An openly lesbian federal judge whose appointment was opposed by dozens of U.S. senators has ruled against a Christian former Navy chaplain who alleged his superiors engineered his dismissal from the service because he was not “ecumenical.”


  • obama-vampire-275x300 And guess who appointed this old besom?


The decision by Elaine Kaplan of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims rejected the allegations of former chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, who …had routinely prayed “in Jesus name” as part of his work as a chaplain… http://www.wnd.com/2014/12/lesbian-judge-takes-on-jesus-in-court/#wuQkiseh15rB8UFh.99

Klingenschmitt will hopefully appeal, and who knows but he might find himself before an American judge, as opposed to an Un-American.



Meanwhile, he can take consolation from his recent success in Colorado, where he won election to the state legislature. As usual, American VOTERS understand their constitutional heritage better than the Obamanoid running-dog judiciary.