Beware Bali’s Airport Ratbags – And The Taxis!




Good on Bali’s Made Mangku Pastika!

He’s Governor of the Isle of the Gods, and he’s showing due concern for the many foreign folk who visit that beautiful place.

I hereby declare a personal stake in this post, because I hope to be down there in the very near future, though happily, flying from Jakarta, I won’t have to suffer a dreary wait in the long lines encountered by visiting tourists at Bali’s airport.

The Gov has even made a short movie, which he intends to send off to Indonesian President Jokowi and VP Jusuf Kalla. 

The focus is on the many people sitting on the floor waiting for their documents to be processed when, in fact, there are many immigration lockets, but only two are open.”  Worse still, he suspects there there are still “middlemen” from immigration circulating and taking advantage of the long lines to offer faster processing in return for an illegal fee.

He challenged reporters. You can go anywhere. Do some investigative reporting. Make some pictures. Make videos. It’s been alleged that there are officials looking to profit (from the long lines). If there are long lines certain people will approach those standing in line and offer special lane processing for a certain fee. These are the stories, but no one has been caught.”

Again, bravo – too many journos here are lazy –

A about uncovering a story and

B about following it up once it’s uncovered.  

Look at A – the silence of the media about the oppressively unfair treatment meted out to employees in at least one big department store chain, ‘quarantined’ when they’re not sick.

And B  -the trouble I’ve had finding out what’s going on in the Ngada scandal. 

Pastika warned that if Bali wishes to retain its reputation as a top world tourism destination then services must be improved. The Governor cited the multifarious need for better service at Bali’s airport for arriving passengers, better service extended by officials, new facilities that are sufficient, cleaner taxis and a new sense of responsibility toward.

Glad he mentioned taxis.

Wise wanderers should skip the creepoid cabbies at the airport  exit! A little short walk brings you to Bluebird taxis, which are




  • WAY better than the ones by the automatic doors, which are allowed to monopolise the nearest points where arrivals emerge – why?
  • Is it all part of some scumbag deal which keeps the honest fare-chargers at a distance?