Philadelphia Story- Cop-Hating Creeps Wreck Kids’ Christmas!

Downright despicable hypocrites, those anti-police scumbags in the USA – one instinctively loathes any movement in which Al Sharpton is involved.

But it wasn’t till I absorbed these snippets of news, carefully suppressed by much of the establishment media, that their rotten character became crystal-clear!




It turns out that moms and pops and their young kids had assembled at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Train Station for a Christmas Special to light up a big tree, with much carol-singing planned and rehearsed for many weeks.

Then along came a spider….sorry, a herd of leftist scumbags,  who ‘proceeded to curl up on the ground and pretend to be dead..’




Except on my favourite zombie show, The Walking Dead, lifeless beings are usually silent- but not in Phillie these days!

Their chants and bullhorns and noisemakers drowned out the children’s choir on stage…unplugged the Christmas tree lights and sprayed graffiti on presents and decorations, including Santa’s sleigh. 


idiot Philadelphia fool?


Philadelphia, as we learned at school – back in the days before pinko slugs had assumed the right to spoil children’s innocent festive fun (somebody shoulda put choke-holds on the rat-bag rabble!)  – means the City of Brotherly Love!




As the author of the WT piece notes, peace and justice, it turns out, is reserved only for those who steal boxes of cigars, rough up store clerks, jaywalk down the middle of the street and attempt to strip a cop of his service weapon. Then charge at him.

And elsewhere in the USA the creeps make no bones about their vindictive racist prejudice – as in Missouri, where white students were told they could not participate in a “die-in” protest on the university campus.



Sorry, blacks only.

The KKK would be proud of those rancid racist protestors.