Anti-UKIP Bigot Academics Spawning Un-British Brats!

Despite the best efforts of local Tory ‘ closet racists ‘  –  which is how Cast-Iron dares describe UKIP – the People’s Party candidate, Tim Aker was elected to his local council last week.

This victory came even though his Conservative opponent scraped the bottom of the racist barrel –


– a Tory leaflet spelt out Tim’s  full birth name, Timür, and attacked him in leaflets adorned with photos of sectarian vermin like Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza!

VIDEO: UKIP Tim triumphant in Aveley and Uplands by-election
Thurrock Gazette4 Des 2014


Excellent news indeed! The voters showed their tolerance – a patriot of any ethnic origin is a better bet than a ‘pure-bred’ Anglo-Saxon pinko!  

Yet elsewhere in Britain, we find crass intolerance  – brain-dead bints like this nasty little nazi, fretting and frothing at the prospect of Tim Aker addressing her schoolmates!


  • Jackboot
  • ‘I won’t be attending as I can’t trust myself not to smack him’ said A level student Fatima. ‘I don’t think he should be allowed to come.’
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Fatima needs a crash-course in what being British is all about. Or maybe a one-way ticket to some cess-pool like Pakistan, where many backward brutes share her taste for violence and her distaste for free speech!

Alas, lessons in how to live in a Western democracy won’t be fast forthcoming from her tutors! ‘


Havering Sixth Form College tutor ?

Tutors agreed and sent strongly worded emails calling for the visit to be cancelled.

Mangy bigots! Happily, their boss is made of better stuff, and understands what freedom means.

Havering Sixth Form College principal, Paul Wakeling, borrowed a response from Voltaire’s biography to say he’d fight to the death for Aker’s right to an opinion. ‘We must actively encourage independent thinking, responsibility and challenge’ he asserted.

I got this from a report by some pinko scribbler named Natalie Nezhati, who claims kids find UKIP ‘uninspiring!‘  

Why? They are said to view UKIP as ‘grumpy

Why? Because their …policies that tend towards the negative – no to the EU, no to same sex marriage, no to the Human Rights Act – will never win over idealistic youth.

 Idealistic youth, she says?
Indoctrinated more like, by cultural marxist bias, as slanted as NN’s writing .
Those ‘negative’ policies actually tend towards the positive –
yes to self-determination,
yes to moral values cherished by decent Brits for a thousand years,
yes to sovereignty..
But what else must we expect?
There’s no hint of disapproval on NN’s part of that subversive common room clique, who want to censor their young students’ access to voices outside the orchestrated in-crowd.
Hell, with the kids at Havering primed by such base tutors, no wonder Fatima’s such a psychotic liitle head-banger.
And NN’s day-job? 
Natalie Nezhati NN
...a lecturer in English literature at an east London college!