President Treats Amnesty With Contempt It Deserves!

That’s the way, Pak President!




While we don’t always agree with every step taken by Indonesian’s recently elected Head of State, Jokowi’s dismissive response to those arrogant sticky-beaks at Amnesty International was splendid.



A casual chuckle at their impudence, and a reassertion of the law, which prescribes capital punishment for a range of offences.

In all honesty, it’s just a shame Jokowi doesn’t make more use of the death penalty. All those terrorist swine, like Abu Bakr Ba’asyir and the other backward beasts in prison here for terror-related offences….




…. -would it not be grand if the authorities decided to drag them out one night, put ‘em up against a brick wall, then order the firing squad to get to work?


Never mind – we must hope!

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    As for Amnesty’s  cheeky upstart spokesman, their Director of Research International  for Southeast Asia and the Pacific, Rupert Abbott, whines that
  •  Jokowi’s campaign had promoted human rights whereas this policy was contrary to human rights. 


“The Indonesian government must stop the plan as soon as possible. he said

What a nerve, to link capital punishment and ‘human rights.’

These pinko creeps trot out every sort of sophistry. We even had some dimwit diplomat last year tell us that being dead doesn’t deter an executed criminal! Seriously, she said capital punishment is not a deterrent!

But at the heart of their case there’s just that one bleeding-heart bleat- these decadents have never heard of a mass-murderer, child-molesting rapist or savage terrorist whose life they aren’t DESPERATE to safeguard.