Jakarta – The Islamist Pretender Has Neighbour Issues!

What a crock!

That fanatic, Fahrurrozi Ishaq. an unelected upstart calling himself the capital’s ‘Governor,’ seems to have few fans even in his own neighbourhood, in Jatinegara, East Jakarta!




 Ishaq -nice uniform, but never got a single vote!


Readers will recall Ishaq was ‘appointed’ by a clique of rabid jihadists, led by the IslamoNazi FPI (self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam.’) because they disapprove of the legitimate Governor Ahok –


ahok Ahok

Jakarta Jew-Haters Boo Chinese Christian Candidate 

-the prospect of a Christian acclaimed by this 90% Muslim city was just too much for the sectarian ranters!

But Tempo went out to Jatinegara and spoke to folks who live cheek by jowel with the’counter-guv.

“I support the governor appointed in the official way,” said Muhammad Fauzi, 46 http://www.tempo.co/read/news/2014/12/12/231628006/Tetangga-Gubernur-FPI-Lebih-Suka-Ahok-Karenal

 And Fauzi works as a trustee at his local mosque!

His view arises from the fact that in his (and Ishaq’s) locality, people do not really know Fahrurrozi – the FPI’s hero rarely engages with the community or gives a talk at a mosque near his home.

“What I know is that his religious activism happens outside the home environment..,.” 

Another resident, Dwi Sumiyati, 30, is also more than happy with Ahok as governor. “He’s firm,” she said... Fahrurrozi was not clear selected and installed by anyone.

Interestingly,Sumiyati did have some criticisms of the real governor. She cautions him against his ‘irritability’ and reckons he should pay heed to traditions embraced by the natives of Jakarta, one being the habit of selling goats at the roadside ahead of Eid al-Adha. 



  • Well, the goats by the roadside don’t bother me – the poor things still get cruelly killed, whether they’re sold indoors or outdoors. But street sales, or Ahok’s ban on them, was adduced by the fanatics as proof of his drive to de-Islamise the capital.


Ahok has gone out of his way to show goodwill to normal Muslims. He broke the fast with them during Ramadhan, and recently spoke well to a crowded meeting of an Islamic youth group.

But he has also called for a ban on the FPI gangster group, which would be a welcome step. 

As to his irritability, I guess that refers to his candour. He won’t suffer fools gladly, and when any of the apparatchiks at City Hall are found to be slackers, he doesn’t hesitate to say so.


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Sticks and stones, etc. and calling people names is surely much more acceptable than the FPI habit of mob-handed attacks on innocent people.


If Ahok called them cowardly swine, he could certainly plead veritas