Venezuelan Vituperation and Bloody Murderers!

Laughable, though offensive outburst by the Venezuelan President Maduro over the weekend, insulting Spain’s former Prime Minister Aznar. 

For the heir of Hugo Chavez to refer to the head of government ( past or present) of another country as a ‘bloody murderer’ – wow! 




Hardly to be taken seriously, unless he might be referring to the evil Communist regime in Cuba, and not to a democratic state.

But the sub-text of Maduro’s shrilling is simply that it’s a temper-tantrum, brought on by current Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy, who recently met the wife of one of Venezuela’s political prisoners, opposition leader Leopoldo López, during her visit to Madrid.

Aznar is not a big hero of mine.

It was Spain, after all, which buckled and baled out of the liberation of Iraq after Islamist savages bombed Madrid.



Maduro hobnobs with marxist mass-murderer Fidel Castro



But compared to the brutal Castro Brothers, Maduro’s cosy comrades, Aznar’s an angel.