The Enemy Within Lindt Cafe, Sydney?

Just woke a while ago to what was then a sunny Jakarta morning, and for no particular reason tuned into the Aussie news channel. 


Used to be the case when savages pulled off some sectarian outrage here in Indonesia, those important to me in Oz would fire off concerned texts to ascertain I was nowhere near Bali, or the Australian Embassy on Jakarta’s Jalan Rasuna Said.

Role reversal today, and – thanks be – I’ve already had reassuring replies. But there are still innocents held in that Sydney CBD cafe. 


  • 800px-martin_place_sydney-600x450 Sydney CBD
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No doubt we’ll soon see some fatuous bint on tv telling us how ‘unrepresentative’ the hostage-takers are.


But before the gob-flappers get into high gear, let’s ask them first to address the root cause of what appears to be going on in downtown Sydney today.


devil destroyedenemy-within


And that’s an insidious ideology which instructs its devotees to put co-religionists, even thousands of miles away, above fellow-citizens.  It cannot be said often enough that sectarian solidarity may NEVER trump patriotic duty!

Until we hear that, loud and clear, from every religious spokesperson, in every civilised country, those who refrain from such denunciation should be branded as collaborators with the enemy within.



It would be remiss not to mention our previous report, concerning the Jakarta Post’s cowardly ‘apology,’prompted by jihadist ranting, after they had quite properly published a caricature of that very flag that’s hanging in the window of the captive cafe in Sydney.


  • Aksi-Dukungan-for-ISIS-di-Bundaran-HI-Jakarta-5 Jakarta vermin with ISIS flags

OK, Jakarta Post – What IS Inscribed On ISIS’ Flag?