‘Changing the Locker-Room Culture!’ Canada Goes for Shirt-Lifting Gold?

Canada Court - School Ruling Today - Parents' Rights or Perv Propaganda?

“There is no other program like this. There is nothing like this when it comes to athletes taking on LGBT issues. You talk about the idea that we are going to train dozens of Olympic athletes to become experts on LGBT issues — even if they’re LGBT themselves, they still need training on how to express it — and then sending them into schools.




A more brazen declaration of intent to indoctrinate is hard to imagine. But what’s shocking is that this rant comes courtesy of the Canadian Olympic Committee, which hopes to spread ‘gay’ brain-washing to ONE MILLION kids.




They actually boast of their grand ‘gay’ design, their “OneTeam Athlete Ambassador” program, which aspires to despatch pro-homos to “establish formal relationships with 25 school boards nationally and connect with 1 million students by the end of 2016.”

Changing the culture of the locker-room‘ is not a phrase conjured up by me to make this campaign seem sinister and scary. Those are the very words used by the agitproppers behind it.

Youngsters’ sports day locker-rooms will indeed turn into a threatening place if sexual deviants gain approved access.

Used to be that proud parents would encourage their athletic children to dream of an Olympic future. However, this latest degradation of the Olympic spirit suggests that the attentions of the COC could rapidly turn into every caring parents’ nightmare.