An IslamoNazi Offer You Can’t Refuse?

TEMPO.CO reports that the IslamoNazi FPI’s ‘Counter-Governor, Fahrurrozi Ishaq, claims to have the full support of the people of Jakarta. With that support, he is optimistic that it will not be difficult to run a program of works that has been compiled…


  •  Ishaq -nice uniform, but never got a single vote!
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  • I wonder why they think Ahok, the real Governor, will not attend to municipal duties of this sort. The FPi are better known for beatinmg up defencelss innocents than doing honest toil.
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  • However, a geezer named Lutfi, who it seems is Chairman of the ‘Presidium for the Salvation of Jakarta,‘ acting as Fahrurrozi’s spokesman, revealed that his organization is relying on donations from the public. “This works program is for the people, so people have to help.” 

Lutfi gave examples of the good works his ‘salvation army’ (!) has in mind, like fixing the kampung drains…the funds will be collected from the people on the ground.
All very commendable, IF the cash is coughed up voluntarily!

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  • But looking back on a post a year or two ago, when we quoted the pro-democracy activists at the Ratna Sarumpaet Crisis Center


http//   if you don’t like links, here’s an extract-

 According to RSCC study in 2005, all stalls / carts selling cigarettes in Jakarta were labelled either “FPI Territory” or “FBR Territory.” The two groups each afternoon were picking up 5 thousand to 15 thousand rupiah from each cigarette vendor. (RRA note- Rp.15,000 is just over one pound sterling, but there are a LOT of such vendors in Jakarta!) The results of this study were reported in the Jakarta Police by RSCC (2006). FBR was ‘frozen’ shortly after, while FPI continued untouched.

(the FBR is another thug group; you can check them out via our search engine, or here – and and )


Yea, looking at that… can we be sure that the white-shirt gangster group will not fall back on classic gangster tactics – making Jakarta’s citizens ‘an offer they can’t refuse?’