Sinking Ever Deeper – Sweden Today, Britain Soon?

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Another familiar face popped up on my tv screen the other day, that arrogant Swede who purports to speak for ‘Europe,’ though in fact Mr. Skoog only represents the  marxists of the Brussels Empire.




Brussels Flunkey On Aceh Shariah Savages – “We Don’t Want To Intervene Too Much!” 


The EUSSR’s man in Jakarta was on an English-language Indonesian show, along with the Swedish Ambassador, who curiously shares his surname. I missed the start of the programme, but is she his wife?

If so, I acknowledge Skoog’s saving grace, an appreciation of good-looking women.

But that’s not what caught my interest. The lady explained to her – presumably bemused – Indonesian host that many Swedes are in the process of replacing ‘he’ and ‘she’ as part of their everyday vocabulary!




They dislike the idea of recognising the distinction between males and females in everyday, normal (wrong word in Sweden?) conversation. One of the ‘stars’ of this talk-show even spoke of Sweden being ‘in the vanguard of gender issues.’

Pitiful pap – but this erasure of the distinction may be partly the cause of the shocking indifference of Swedish authorities towards violence against women. In healthy communities, men protect and care about their womenfolk – and so do court and government authorities.

Not in Sweden, where the left-liberal establishment is openly heedless of multiple sex crimes carried out against defenceless women and girls, refusing to remove the crimmigrant scum who perpetrate them, or even, as we’ve posted on before…

…declining to impose any jail-time at all!

What a sicko society!

An election is coming up there soon.

Let’s hope the Sweden Democrats do well – the Scandinavian kingdom’s last best chance of survival.