Sportsman’s Bar Closed -Forever?

Spent a great deal of today getting back to normal, after a heavy night out with an old friend, yet still news reaches me, even when recuperating!

Hence that headline!

As I said when it last shut down,The Sportsman’s was one of the oldest bars on Jakarta’s famous Jalan Falatehan – aka The Street of Dreams!


sportsmans bar jakarta


It was not a typical Falatehan bar, with its strange restrictions on the entry of those lovely but importunate butterflies who flocked to its competitors – if you wanted to meet somebody new, tough!

It could be a bit of a bore, really – 


falatehan Jalan Falatehan


 – but sad, however, when any bar closes!

It is said that more bars are expected to be closed in 2015 – wretched gentrification, developers – aka vultures – circling overhead.

Sic Transit Gloria Jakartae!